About me

My name is L. Horace, but my friends call me Bugz, short for Bugzbunny. A intermediate sysadmin. I was born in Brooklynn, NY, in 1982 (that makes me 42) and now I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My mother is from Haiti, unfortunately, she passed away from Pneumonia in the late 1980s. Don't ask about my pops, no idea.

My hobbies consist of maintaining various services, have a peek at my projects below. Playing video games, check out my streams at twitch.tv/blacbugzbunny. Watching sci-fiction shows, films, and animation. Oh, I'm also a big fan of anime too!

Check out my terrible code at git.bugzbunny.net.

You can reach me at via email (bugzbunny bugzbunny net).

Do I look pretty in text

Projects and Services

IO Cloud Solutions Shared webhosting and VPSes now available!

BugzbunnyNet IRC Network Yeah, I have my own IRC network

BugzbunnyNet GIT Server My Git Repository

BugzbunnyNet Idp Server My Univention Identity Provider (IDP) Server